Customer Service
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Customer Service


"Products are dormant without Service"

Customer Service means money to you and a better experience for the customer.

It is all about the individual making a difference. This will lead to the team having a "spirit" with a defined task.

 "So - why are companies not very good at it"?

"How would you rate your customer service from a scale of 1 to 10" (1 being Terrible and 10 being Outstanding)?

"When was the last time your team members (non front line staff) actually talked to the customer"?

"What are you doing differently from your competitors"?

"It was a good mix of serious content, games and activities and they really enjoyed it." Anja Helbig, Director, Corporate Functions, National Health Insurance Company - Daman

Strategy and Teams can help you with practical workshops that will combine the customer and staff member talking to each other to ensure a "win win" situation. This can also be done with distributors and other key stakeholders.

The returns on your investment of  workshops over a period of time will be greatly multiplied.

"Strategy and Teams  offers "No Fluffy Stuff" - just practical ways to create a fantastic partnership with your internal and external customers" 

"It was an amazing session Mark... everyone enjoyed the day and felt how professional it was managed. The flow was great from the past year reflection, to the leadership, and finally to the projects session." - Mohammad Al-Saeed Procurement Operations Manager - KSA & Gulf - Uniliver