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Strategy Facilitation


Can each member of your senior team tell you the top 5 bold steps that your strategy will be focusing on in the next year,three(3) years and five (5) years.Can they also tell you their departmental steps to help achieve the companys 5 bold steps?

We can help facilitate Strategic Workshops, so you can ensure that the "story" you are all telling is aligned and practical with a plan.

At "Strategy and Teams" we use internationally recognised, highly customisable tools and processes to generate dialogue, create alignment, articulate a vision, and catalyse action.

We will help your team to see the big picture and move toward its desired future using our skills, creativity and high-impact graphic tools. 

The majority of our facilitation work has its roots in Strategic Visioning and we use tools  from  "The Grove Consultants International"

We specialise in senior leadership gatherings, as well as rolling these messages out to the rest of the organisation - Top down. We do this "with you" and not "to you".

Leadership Workshops – "Strategy and Teams" offers a high-level facilitation team who develop customized leadership interventions that align senior teams and inspire break-through thinking.

"Yesterday’s event was a grand success! On behalf of the Sales Operations team at Daman, I wish to thank you and your team for the outstanding work done. Everybody who attended the event agrees that it was worth every minute of their time. I wish Strategy & Teams all the best in their future endeavours." - Rajesh Dhomse - Acting Director, Sales Operations - Daman