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Conference Facilitation


Your conference is an extremely important communication platform that is a fantastic opportunity to align and renew.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who walked away from the conference was blown away, not by the expensive gifts or food but by the messages and engagement around these key business drivers?

We will help you to create the platforms for participation that enable your teams to meet your brand and facilitate understanding of your vision.

Strategy and Teams will bring your teams together and create a "serious but fun" atmosphere.

We also use technology to enhance the experience. A voting system that works live and in real time allowing participants to provide immediate, accurate responses to questions, quizzes and surveys using their individual voting keypads. The results are displayed instantaneously in graphical format, providing a truly interactive meeting!


For more details about the voting system click here.

"Hertel wants to thank you and your team for the significant contribution to the success of the Hertel International Management Meeting 2013 in Dubai. Almost 90 executives from our company have had a great meeting where strategy, business and our future were key in the program. Inspiring our people, deepening the discussions during the workshops and organising the various leisure events went very well. Thank you for making this an unforgettable moment in our journey to excellence." - Peter Bassa - Group Marketing & Communications Director - Hertel