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TetraMap Workshop

Target: Junior – Mid – Senior
Duration: 2 - 3 Hours

What is TetraMap?

It is a model: It helps people to understand and appreciate differences, resolve conflicts and improve communication. 

It is a tool: It offers continuous learning that can be applied in different contexts (leadership, communication, planning, equipment, sales and service, training, among others)

It is a frame of reference: Change paradigms and accelerate positive change.

It is an approach innovative new: Provides a new way to transform the performance of those individuals and the teams.

TetraMap is the next generation in behavioural systems and developmental learning.

Practical benefits of TetraMap

  • Improve collaboration and productivity
  • Reduce workplace conflict
  • Increase sales and customer service
  • Streamline planning processes
  • Implement change faster and easier

TetraMap will:

  • Address your challenges
  • Deliver your performance outcomes
  • Fit your systems, processes and timeframes
  • Meet the needs of your people
  • Create possibilities for the future

The Process:

The delegates get on hands on experience to identify their natural preference and style.

This is through a process of interaction and discussion which accelerates team performance and reduces conflict.

Their natural preference and style is mapped on to the tetramap graph.

"I, on behalf of everyone would like to thank you for the 2 day course, every piece of which added value We thoroughly enjoyed the class and appreciated your reality input into the discussions. Learning about all of the different techniques and methodologies was most valuable to us. Thank you once again for a wonderful experience."
Abdalla Omar Rahuma, Corporate Human Capital Manager - AlMansoori Specialized Engineering

"We would just like to thank you for your contribution to the event last week. Your reputation preceded you from the highly successful Social Breakfast earlier this year, however you surpassed even that by energizing the group for the whole day including the syndicate sessions and coming up with a creative approach to incorporating the Mission Vision and Values into the quiz. Thanks again for your support."
Titus J N Earle , Leadership and Talent Development Section Leader, ADMA-OPCO

“It was not only an amazing experience, but also considered more useful than the static presentations that used to dominate this most IMPORTANT session attended by the VVIPs of the industry. You made it very interesting."
Vasudevan K. S. | Director – Global Business Development | NavoLabs