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Teamwork And Team Building

Target: Junior – Mid – Senior
Duration: 8 hours per day x 2days = 16 hours

‐ Re-energize the team around a collective agreement to face the forthcoming business challenges with strong belief, focus, and commitment
‐ Create an environment whereby individuals get to know each other on a different level with a view to understanding and maximizing respective strengths as well as appreciating the value of individual differences.
‐ Appreciate the importance of working together as a team and exploring the ways in which individuals can support each other in effectively delivering ‘winning’ performance.
‐ Establish a plan for leading the business through the inevitable challenges in the forthcoming months and gaining clarity around the role that the team will need to take in this progress.
‐ Prepare the leadership to make the most use of their teams.
‐ Identify your own emotions and their impact on performance – self-awareness
‐ Understand the role of Team Development in increasing personal success
‐ Appreciate the main competency elements within the Team Development competency model
‐ Recognise Team Development as a change management strategy and the use of Team Development within an organisation
‐ ·Understand how to create and sustain high performing teams
‐ Have tools that can be used daily to assess where the team is at

The 2 days will be broken down into the 7 stages of team.

The first 4 stages are input s and the last 3 stages are outputs.

We will identify the blockers and enablers for each stage.

1. Orientation-Why am I part of this team
2. Trust – building
3. Goal Role clarification- What are we doing
4. Commitment – How will we do it
5. Implementation-Who does what when and where
6. High Performance – WOW
7. Renewal- How do we sustain this
8. The team will look at itself and at the teams it leads and identify the image, reputation and brand that they want to build.
9. We will also do a team and individual assessment


Module 1. Orientation
Why am I here?

Module 2. Work Session:
Senior Team introduced to the Team performance model

Module 3. Exercise:
Review Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

Module 4. Trust Building

Module 5. Team member profile

Module 6. Goal/Role Clarification
WHAT are we doing?

Module 7. Commitment
HOW will we do it?

Module 8. Photographic Review & Closing Comments

Module 9. 7 Business Challenges our teams face

Module 10. Implementation

Module 11. Work Session:
Image, Reputation, & Brand

Module 12. High Performance

Please email to for details. We will run courses only for corporates groups. Alternatively call us on +971 (0) 50 4505317 and we will be delighted to help.

"I, on behalf of everyone would like to thank you for the 2 day course, every piece of which added value We thoroughly enjoyed the class and appreciated your reality input into the discussions. Learning about all of the different techniques and methodologies was most valuable to us. Thank you once again for a wonderful experience."
Abdalla Omar Rahuma, Corporate Human Capital Manager - AlMansoori Specialized Engineering

"We would just like to thank you for your contribution to the event last week. Your reputation preceded you from the highly successful Social Breakfast earlier this year, however you surpassed even that by energizing the group for the whole day including the syndicate sessions and coming up with a creative approach to incorporating the Mission Vision and Values into the quiz. Thanks again for your support."
Titus J N Earle , Leadership and Talent Development Section Leader, ADMA-OPCO

“It was not only an amazing experience, but also considered more useful than the static presentations that used to dominate this most IMPORTANT session attended by the VVIPs of the industry. You made it very interesting."
Vasudevan K. S. | Director – Global Business Development | NavoLabs